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managebright Services for Developers.

Strategy - I can help you understand the network and system management environment.  Where is the management market going?  How should your products be positioned into the OpenView picture?  I understand management. In particular, I can help you make sense of HP's complex OpenView offerings.  Let my expertise help you develop the strongest strategic plans possible.

OpenView Training - In order to be successful, you need to understand what HP is doing with OpenView and what they are likely to do next. You need to know that you are hitching your wagon to a horse that will make you successful.  How do the different parts of HP, and non-HP, OpenView fit together? Where is the market going?  What are OpenView's competitors up to? Ask me. I can help you make sense of the confusing world you and OpenView live in.

HP Relationship - To fit into the OpenView world you need to work with the Hewlett-Packard OpenView team. You need to work with the OpenView Solution Partner Program. I can help you build the relationships with the HP OpenView team that you need to be successful.  I have been a part of the OpenView community just about as long as there has been an OpenView community.  Let me help you be successful with HP and OpenView.

Marketing - I understand marketing in the management market.  During my time with OpenView I have driven just about every aspect of marketing.  I have negotiated contracts.  I have positioned, structured and priced products. I have developed and implemented promotional programs.  I have planned and developed channel strategies.  Most of all I have been the chief evangelist for HP's network management solution.  Let me help you apply my experience to your marketing needs.

Custom Consulting - I will tailor my help to your needs.  Contact me and let's discuss what you are looking for and how I can help.