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managebright Services for the Enterprise.

Strategy - I can help you understand the network and system management environment and what is available.  Where is the management market going?  How do non-HP products fit into the OpenView picture?  I understand management. In particular, I can help you make sense of HP's complex OpenView offerings.  Let my expertise help you develop the strongest strategic plans possible.

Procurement - What specific solutions do you want and where should you go to get them? Will you need OpenView implementation help as well?  If so, how does that influence your decision of where to buy your network and system management solution? I have worked with OpenView solutions for years and I understand the direct and indirect channels.

Implementation - How will you set up and configure your solution? Will your folks do the work?  How should you plan to train them?  Do you need help with the implementation? I understand OpenView training. I know the consultant market. Just because you line up a good consulting company doesn't mean you have one of their best people working on your account.  I know the people. Let me help. 

Issue Resolution - The moment problems start, fingers begin pointing.  I know the consultants and I know HP.  I can be a valuable resource to help facilitate a resolution to issues.  Often I can help head off issues before they start.

Custom Consulting - I will tailor my consulting to your needs.  Contact me and let's discuss what you are looking for and how I can help.